About us
Heritage Art Gallery Pvt Ltd is an online gallery registered as a limited company in the UK that specialise in selling contemporary Zimbabwean art mainly stone sculptures, paintings, wood carvings and the Gastone copper range. Heritage Art Gallery was established in February 2010. The founder and owner is Mary Majoni who was born in Zimbabwe and now lives in the UK
The reason why I started Heritage Art Gallery was to raise awareness to the rest of the world about the unique art found in Zimbabwe. People are generally aware of how talented Africans are at carving/sculpting but it appears very few people know the existence of the Zimbabwean Sculpture Art Movement. Read what the Critics have to say about Zimbabwean sculpture (also referred to as Shona sculpture named after the Zimbabwean tribe of most of the artists). Follow the links for the Origins and History of Shona Sculpture and the Sculpture Stones used.

Objectives, Values and Goals
Objectives of Heritage Art Gallery are to promote Zimbabwean art and artists in the UK. No work of art is ever greater than its master, so in that respect information is collected on every piece of art that is sold in the gallery and the biography of the artist who made it together with photographs so that the customers who buy will have an understanding of the art and the artist. Our values are to do business with transparency and to give full recognition to and to pay fair prices to artists and also provide excellent quality works of art to our customers. Our Goal is for Zimbabwean art to reach a wider market and gain recognition in the Western world.

Heritage Art Gallery Foundation
Heritage Art Gallery is also launching Heritage Art Gallery Foundation. The foundation is not going to be operating as a separate registered charity but will be a division within the company. The aims of the foundation will be to raise money to help with buying tools, raw materials, supporting individual artists and groups. The long term goal of the foundation is to have enough money to be able to invite some artists to travel to the UK for exhibitions. Those interested in making a direct donation to the Foundation click here.