‘The world's best unrecognized sculptors.’
—The Economist, London

Shona sculptors fall into 3 categories; the founding artists known as the first generation (1957 to 1980). Amongst the founders are Joram Mariga, Boira Mteki, John & Bernard Takawira,Henry Munyaradzi, Sylvester Mubayi, Joseph Ndandarika, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Josia Manzi, Wazi Maricolo, Chrispen Duve, Claud Nyanhongo,Fanizani Akuda and many others. There are very few surviving first generation artists and Heritage Art Gallery are proud to have a collection from Sylvester Mubayi, a proud winner of the Ernest Oppenheimer prize for sculpture and named as one of the top ten sculptors in the world in 1991 by the Guardian.

The artists that started from 1980-2000 who were apprentices to the founders are known as the second generation. Many of these sculptors are already world famous and would hold their own if compared with their mentors. We are proud to be working with the famed Dominic Benhura. The Sculpture movement has now entered the third generation from 2000 to date. Already there are quickly establishing themselves and winning national awards and their works exhibited in and around Europe, Americas, Canada and Asia. Heritage Art Gallery is proud to have collections from Boet Nyariri, Edmore Chijumani, Morgan Chijumani, Cuthbert Tendai, Stanley Chidoti and many others.

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