DOMINIC BENHURA 2nd Generation

Born in 1968 in Murewa town of Zimbabwe.

Started sculpting at the age of 13. He learned sculpting techniques from helping established artists from this tender age. Benhura has become one of Africa’s greatest contributions to the world of contemporary art. He has developed a timeless and universal contemporary style that captures in stone the essence of human movement, form and emotion.

Working primarily in the hardest Zimbabwean Springstone, Benhura leaves large portions of his sculptures” raw” revealing the stone’s natural texture and beauty. Unlike most artists who rely on carved facial features to express emotion, Benhura is able to express incredible emotion and movement without sculpting any defining facial features on his pieces . He relies on motion, posture and negative space to make his deceptively “simple” pieces to come to life. He also sculpts animals ( elephants, snakes and insects) and plants.

Benhura is admired by his peers and his expansive Studio is home to some of the finest young and seasoned talents in the country. Well traveled, Benhura has become a permanent fixture on the international art scene. Rigorous personal appearances schedules in Europe, Asia and USA have enabled him to establish common international pricing for his highly sought after sculptures.

He has personally exhibited in Hamburg, Melbourne, Cape town, Denver, Singapore, Soul, Santa Fe, Tel Aviv, Nairobi and Scottsdale among others. In 2002 he staged a highly acclaimed show in the Hamptons (NY), where he was named “ BEST OF THE BEST” . He also staged his largest one-man show at Hortus Botanical gardens in the Netherlands in 2008. He was also presented with a ‘ Lifetime Achievement Award” from the National Arts council of Zimbabwe in 2002. In 2003 Benhura made major presentations of his work to Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, and to Stephen Lewis, the United Nations Special Envoy for Aids /HIV in Africa.

In 2004 , at an international Competition, Benhura was awarded a commission by The FMO Development Bank in the Hague . Benhura inspired by the theme of the Competition. He made a 16 feet tall Sculpture “Communicating worlds”. A smaller vision of this piece was presented to Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. He also designed Red Ribbon Awards for the International Aids Conference, held in Toronto. In 2006 he held a benefit show at Zuva gallery in Phoenix Arizona, during the World Aids day , which enabled him to built a library for a rural school in Zimbabwe. He is now the Owner Of Tengenenge Sculpture community.

Selected Shows and Awards

1986-8 - National Gallery of Zimbabwe, John Boyne House Gallery and Delta Gallery,Harare Zimbabwe
1986-9 - Pachipamwe International Workshop, Bulawayo Zimbabwe
1990 - Milesgarten Museum, Sweden
1990 - Yorkshire Sculpture Park, England UK
1991 - Expo 1992, Seville, Spain
1992-4 - Sculpture in the park, Loveland Colorado,USA
1992 - Steinkulpturen aus Zimbabwe, Dusseldorf, Germany
1992 - Bank Sparkase, Wuppertal, Germany
1992 - Sculpture Exhibition, Helsinki, Finland
1992 - Galarie Im Sschlossgarten, Gaungeloch Germany
1993-6 - Annual Resident Artist Exhibition, Chapungu Sculpture Park Harare Zimbabwe 1993-6 - Annual Heritage Exhibition, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare Zimbabwe
1994-5 - International Workshop, Stone Gallery Holland
1994 - The Second Generation Millfield School, Somerset UK
1995 - International Workshop Westafalenpark Dortmund, Germany
1995-6 - Moderne Africanishe Kunst Die Stefalenpark, Dortmund Germany
1996 - Solo Exhibition, Stone Gallery Holland
1997 - Solo Exhibition, Alden Biesen Belgium
1999 - Melbourne Flower show,Melbourne, Australia
2000 - Solo Exhibition, Hannover, Germany
2001 - Solo Exhibition, Zuva Gallery, Scottsdale
2001 - Cornell Museum, Delray Beach, Florida
2001-2 - Hampton Classic, Bridgehampton, New York
2002 - Munhumutapa Gallery, Cape Town
2002 - Solo Exhibition, Zuva Gallery,Scottsdale
2002 - Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix
2002 - Lifetime Achievement Award, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe
2003 - Rice Lake Show Toronto, Canada
2003 - Nelson Mandela Foundation, Johannesburg South Africa
2004 - Winner, FMO Development Bank Commission, The Hague Netherlands
2004 - Berlin Botanical Gardens, Berlin Germany
2004 - Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde Denmark
2005 - Solo Exhibition, Suva Gallery, Scottsdale
2006 - Arts Personality of the year, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe
2006 - Commissioned Sculpture titled “Peace”, United Nations
2006 - Solo Exhibition, African Millennium, London
2006 - Permanent Collection, Open University UK
2006 - Designed RedRibbon Awards, Intl. AIDS Conference, Toronto
2006 - WorldAIDS Day Benefit Exhibition, Zuva Gallery, Scottsdale
2007 - “Creatures of The Earth” Solo Exhibition, 50thAnniversary, NAG Zimbabwe
2007 - University of British Colombia, Vancouver
2008 - Creatures of the Earth: Solo Exhibition, Zuva Gallery, Scottsdale
2008 - My World “Mugariro” Solo Hortus Botanicus, Uni of Leiden, Nertherlands
2008 - Solo Exhibition, Sissman Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel
2009 - Solo Exhibition, Arizona Museum for Youth Mesa, Arizona
2010 - Gazzambo Gallery, Madrid Spain
2010 - Outstanding Mixed Media Award, National Arts Council of Zimbabwe
2010 - People’s choice award National Arts Council of Zimbabwe