Sylvester Mubayi - 1st Generation

Born in 1942 in the Chiota reserve, near Marondera, he is the 6th born in a family of 9. Sylvester is one of the last surviving first generation Shona sculptors and his totem is Shumba Nyamuziwa (Lion). He started sculpting in the 1966 at the Tengenenge sculpture community in northern Zimbabwe and later at a workshop school in Vukutu which was founded by the first director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Frank McEwen. Influences on his art come from himself, his family and from stories of spirits. He describes his work as contemporary creative art. He sculpts mostly in hard stones springstone and lepidolite. He was a resident artist at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in the 1960s and later at Chapungu Sculpture Park. In 1969 he won the Oppenheimer Memorial Award in Durban, South Africa. In 1991 he was named as one of the top ten sculptors in the world by The Guardian, UK. Heritage Art Gallery is proud to be working with him and have his works in our gallery. He is a member of a co-operative called Friends for Ever and currently works from his home in Chitungwiza with Jonathan Mhondorohuma under his wing. His work has been exhibited and sold around the globe.

Notable Exhibitions include:

1968 - National Heritage, Zimbabwe
1971 - Sculpture Contemporaine des Shona d'Afrique', Musée Rodin, Paris
1981 - Cultural Exchange, London
1983 - London, UK
1986 - Oxford,UK
2000 - Custom and Legend, A Culture In Stone', Kew Gardens, London
2004 - Solo exhibition, Somerset, UK